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Recipes with Jax

  • Rustic Napolitana bake with Meatballs

    Sometimes all you need is a little creativity paired with amazing ingredients.  Here I’ve used the art of “maltagliati” Italian for ‘little cut pieces’ and created this rustic and delicious bake.  Where a few sheets of lasagne can go a long, long way.

  • Vegan Roasted Mushroom Ravioli with Vegan Basil Pesto & Cashew Cream

    Treat yourself to this dish and gather all the wow, without all the work.  And it’s plant based my friends. On trend and on your plates in minutes.

  • Chicken Tortellini w. Basil Pesto & Garlic Cream

    I like to treat myself whenever I like and in this dish I do.  Just by adding some cream, infused with fresh garlic, it takes this everyday dish up to MasterChef standards.

  • Kumara, Horopito Gnocchi w. Pan Fried Lamb & Chimichurri Dressing

    Some dishes are heavenly and this is definitely one of them. Sweet kumara, peppery horopito with the caramalised lamb and punchy dressing.  All in all a sensational celebration dish to share. Or not, totally up to you – ha!

  • Salad of Roasted Mushroom Ravioli w. Blue Cheese & Walnuts

    Summer is a time of al fresco eating, celebration platters and of course camping. This means a few stunning key ingredients are required to make a sensational dish to share.  This dish is a warm salad, with lots of flavours and textures of the season.  If you’re a vegan, use a suitable dietary blue cheese alternative.

  • Vegan Tagliatelle Alfredo

    I’ve put a plant-based spin on this traditional, rich parmesan and butter sauce. Still quick, still decadent and turns that meat-frown upside down.  Keep it simple and no-one will know the difference.

  • Pan Fried Gurnard w. Linguine in a Hummus and Dill Sauce

    This spring dish is elegant and delicious. Feel free to experiment with your vegetables, asparagus would work exceptionally well with the nutty hummus.

  • Vegan Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli w. Sundried Tomato, Basil & Chilli Tapenade

    Turn that no-meat frown upside down with this incredible dish.  A double whammy of stunning Mediterranean flavours. Full of personality, silky smooth ravioli, tossed through a simple tapenade of fresh and vibrant ingredients.

  • Chicken Tortellini w. Ricotta, Spinach and Thyme

    Chicken and thyme are an age old, beautiful combination.  The creaminess of the ricotta and earthy spinach brings everything into perspective in one fabulous bowl of pasta.

  • Pappardelle w. Mushrooms in a Rosemary & Balsamic Sauce

    Ribbons of velvety pasta, with a to die for simple but luscious ragu sauce.  A very elegant dish; quick to the table and full of earthy robust flavours.

  • Gnocchi w. Creamy Lemon Smoked Salmon and Brussels Sprouts

    When it’s a little cold outside, a beautiful bowl of fabulous seasonal ingredients is exactly what’s required to put the pep into your week. Here I’ve used kumara and horopito gnocchi, warming flavours which match the smokey salmon and earthy sprouts
  • Vegan hemp pumpkin & ricotta ravioli w. smoked paprika sauce & crispy sage leaves

    There is no better way to enjoy the new season then pumpkin and sage together.  This creamy sauce has a coconut base, which binds the flavours and creates a simple spring dance in the mouth.